Wednesday 31 July 2019


We reiterate that the results of the Presidential election as announced by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and as endorsed by the Constitutional Court; were not a true reflection of the will of the people. We further maintain that according to our computation, our candidate Advocate Nelson Chamisa emerged as a clear winner in the contest.

One year later, the MDC re-affirms its stance NOT to recognise Emmerson Mnangagwa as the duly elected President of Zimbabwe. Further, the MDC notes with serious concern the ever worsening socio-economic and human rights situation in the country during the past year.

Indeed Zimbabweans have had to endure ever increasing prices of basic commodities, endless queues, fuel shortages, water rationing, electricity load shedding and massive unemployment, among other challenges. The shortages and the spiraling prices are just but a symptom of an underlying political crisis of legitimacy.

It is our strong view that the current regime has no capacity to resolve the ever worsening crisis in Zimbabwe and as a way forward, the MDC recommends a clear roadmap as encapsulated in the recently launched RELOAD strategy document.

As part of addressing the deeper political crisis, RELOAD recommends the following five steps as a prerequisite for a return to legitimacy, confidence and normalcy in Zimbabwe:

1. Pressure (Political and Diplomatic)
Section 59 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe gives ordinary Zimbabweans the right to petition and pressure their government on any issue of concern. The MDC will thus mobilize Zimbabweans across the spectrum for purposes of attaining national consensus and convergence. Attendant to the political pressure is diplomatic pressure in which the region, Africa and the broader international community will be sensitized so that international pressure can be brought to bear for the regime in Harare to realize that there has to be sincere dialogue for the nation to agree on a way out of this mammoth national crisis.

2. National Dialogue
We envisage sincere and honest dialogue among Zimbabweans to locate a prudent exit point out of this monumental national crisis. As such a credible, bankable, legitimate process of dialogue fully guaranteed by the international community with specific deliverables benchmarks and timelines through a mutually agreed and acceptable facilitator is a must.

3. National Transitional Mechanism
The sincere dialogue must yield an agreed framework and agreed positions that must spur this country from the current political and economic gridlock arising out of a pilfered plebiscite. The terms and details around this National Transitional Mechanism must be agreed at the dialogue table.

4. Comprehensive Reform Agenda
Zimbabwe requires comprehensive reforms that include political, economic, security, legal, media and electoral reforms. A robust reform agenda will have to be implemented as a prelude to poising the country towards a genuinely free, fair and credible electoral process.

5. Free and Fair Elections

The holding of a truly free, fair and credible election is paramount to Zimbabwe. It is only such an election that will return the confidence and legitimacy that the country sorely needs so that it takes its rightful place among the family of nations. It thus answers to the legitimacy question that has dogged Zimbabwe since 2000.

The MDC firmly believes that this roadmap will address the deeper crisis of legitimacy that has brought the country and its citizens to the despicable plumbing depths of penury, starvation and suffering.


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