Wednesday 10 July 2019


A 50-YEAR-OLD man from Fourwinds suburb in Bulawayo was allegedly killed and his naked body was dumped at his workplace at Bagcwele Store, police confirmed yesterday.

Lameck Moyo, a shop attendant, was found dead on Saturday morning. Acting Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident and said no one has been arrested in connection with Moyo’s death. “We are investigating a suspected murder case which occurred at Bagcwele Store in Fourwinds suburb where a 50-year-old man who was a shop attendant was found dead on July 6. The victim’s body was found by a cook employed at the same shop who informed her employer about the incident at about 8AM.

“The employer notified the police who attended the scene and made conclusions that the victim could have been murdered,” he said.

 Insp Ncube said when police attended the scene, they discovered that Moyo’s body had been covered with a blanket.

He said upon removing the blanket, they found Moyo’s half naked body. He was only putting on a T-shirt.
“He was lying facing upwards next to a precast wall and covered in a blanket. When the investigating officers removed the blanket they noted that he was only putting on a T-shirt and nothing else. He had head injuries and there were strangulation marks on his neck which led to investigating officers concluding that he could have been strangled using a rope,” Insp Ncube said.

He said Moyo’s body was taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for post mortem.

Insp Ncube said police were following leads into the suspected murder.

The Chronicle yesterday visited the murder scene and spoke to Miss Melisa Ncube whose mother runs the shop.

She said the incident had traumatised her as she had worked closely with Moyo until his sudden death.

“This is really causing nightmares for me. I’m really devastated by his callous death. He worked for my mother for a long time and I’ve been working closely with him in the past three years. 

“He was half naked and had injuries on his head which has led to suspicions that he was murdered. I was even afraid to get closer to his body. We really don’t know who could have done this and we hope the police will get to the bottom of this,” Miss Ncube said.

She said Moyo will be buried today at his rural home in Matopo. Chronicle


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