Wednesday 10 July 2019


AN Airforce of Zimbabwe pilot, Tashinga Musonza (29) who allegedly brutally murdered his Gweru based lawyer girlfriend last year was a “womaniser” who double-crossed the deceased with two other women, one of them his subordinate at work.

This was revealed by Musonza’s other girlfriend, Ms Nokuthula Matsikiti, who is an officer cadet when she took to the witness stand yesterday before Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Nokuthula Moyo.

Musonza is facing a murder charge for allegedly killing Ms Lucy Duve (32) in a crime of passion in November last year. He was accusing her of cheating on him with his colleague.

Ms Matsikiti, in her testimony, narrated how she learnt of the accused person’s shenanigans after Ms Duve sent her a picture through WhatsApp of their boyfriend with another rival identified as Ms Portia Topodzi.

Ms Matsikiti said when she quizzed Musonza about the picture, he got angry and went to Ms Duve’s house and confronted her for leaking the picture.

“On the fateful day at about 12-midday, the deceased sent me a message saying she was fed up with her relationship with Musonza and intended relocating to Bulawayo. I was however, shocked when Musonza came to my house and asked me to escort him to the deceased’s house,” she said.

Ms Matsikiti said she initially refused to accompany Musonza but he insisted until he managed to convince her with the blessing of Ms Duve.

“We went to the deceased’s house where we had lunch and extensively discussed issues around our affair. Musonza then received a call from Ms Topodzi whom he claimed was his friend who wanted them to play a game of pool together and he left,” she said.

Ms Matsikiti said soon after Musonza had left, Ms Duve revealed to her that their boyfriend was having an affair with Ms Topodzi who had phoned him.

“Later in the evening, Musonza came to my house to check when I received a picture of him with Portia through WhatsApp. As soon as he had walked in I showed him the picture and he got angry and told me that it was an old picture and demanded to know where I got it,” she said.

Ms Matsikiti said Musonza left her house and went to Ms Duve’s place where he confronted her about the WhatsApp picture.

She told the court that Musonza later drove to her house at around 1AM with Ms Duve and she had bruises and struggling to breathe.

“The accused person, who appeared visibly shaken, requested me to render first aid and I refused and advised him to take her to hospital but he refused, saying he couldn’t do so without a police clearance,” she said.

Ms Matsikiti said Musonza eventually agreed to take the deceased to hospital after his other colleagues he had also approached refused to render first aid.

“However, by the time we took the deceased to hospital, it was already too late and she died just before admission. Her body was taken to Gweru Provincial Hospital and Musonza was subsequently arrested,” she said.

Dr Sanganai Pesanai, the pathologist who examined the deceased’s body observed that the injuries sustained were consistent with excessive force applied during the attack.

He disputed Musonza’s assertion on his defence outline claiming that Ms Duve sustained the injuries after falling and hitting on a glass table.

“The deceased had multiple head injuries, which were not consistent with a single fall. The number of blows applied to the body was too much as evidenced by the bruises and injuries emanating from blunt force trauma and there is also a possibility of strangulation,” he said.

Dr Pesanai said Ms Duve had a fractured skull, blood clots in her brain and that her lungs were affected by the attack among other injuries.

The prosecutor Ms Nokuthaba Ngwenya said on November 25, Musonza went to their lodgings at around 10PM and found Ms Duve asleep. He allegedly accused her of cheating on him with his colleague.

The two allegedly drove to the airbase since Musonza wanted the matter clarified. They allegedly woke up Ms Duve’s alleged lover who denied being in a relationship with her.

Musonza allegedly got furious and started assaulting his girlfriend.

His colleague tried to restrain him but was overpowered before he ran away from the scene to seek assistance from colleagues.

Upon their return they found Ms Duve lying unconscious in a pool of blood. Musonza later drove Ms Duve to Clay Bank Hospital in the company of two of his colleagues and another female who was said to be Duve’s friend.

She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital leading to the arrest of Musonza.

The trial continues today when Musonza is expected to testify.

Mr Kalvern Tundu of Chihambakwe Mutizwa and Partners is representing Musonza. Chronicle


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