Tuesday 9 July 2019


Job Sikhala says he meant overthrowing poverty and hunger when he spoke at a rally in Bikita.

“I have been summoned by a Detective Inspector Chibaya of the Law and Order tomorrow, where I will go with my lawyers. I am, however, worried and shocked over the excitable elements jumping into the bandwagon to lump treason, banditry, insurgency and coup plotting on my part over political banter of a statement I made in Bikita,” Sikhala told Newsday yesterday.

“What I meant was that we need to overthrow hunger, intimidation, abuse of traditional leaders, poverty and all vices associated with the current mismanagement of our State by the current government.

“Let it be clear that the MDC, nor anyone associated with it, will ever engage in any unconstitutional way of assuming the governance of our country. If anything, the MDC is a party of constitutionalism and legality.”

Party leader Nelson Chamisa told NewsDay that the MDC was “not in agreement” with Sikhala. The MP has since been charged with treason.


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