Wednesday 17 July 2019


Harare City Council has resolved to increase tariffs in all market places by at least 100 percent as part of its strategy to collect more revenue to sustain operations.

The city has also proposed $8 per day as temporary lease charge for traders occupying open spaces in residential areas.

The council has come up with a number of strategies to boost revenue collection and eliminate space barons who have been pocketing big at the expense of the local authority.

The city is computerising all revenue collection systems to curb leakages. According to recent minutes of the informal sector committee the director of housing, and community services Mr Addmore Nhekairo said several measures should be implemented to generate revenue from market places.

“For the efficient and effective revenue collection, the following strategies will be implemented in all markets. We will review all markets tariffs, conduct weekly blitz enforcing on payments and regular raids by enforcement team on illegal traders,” read the minutes.

Mr Nhekairo said more revenue was expected at Mupedzanhamo Flea Market as it turned from monthly to daily payments.

Currently, the city was realising an average of $104 000 a month from the flea market. 

“It was anticipated that more revenue would be realised once Mupedzanhamo Flea Market had been converted to a daily payment as the system required that with the new payments council expects to rake in an average $227 700 monthly.” Herald


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