Tuesday 23 July 2019


REVELATIONS that executive directors at the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) earn $6 909,50, while senior management get between $3 721 and $4 523, with the lowest paid worker at the same company earning $375, have irked Parliamentarians.

Zinara human resources manager Juliana Maphosa, who together with other executives from the road authority, revealed the salaries while appearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development (PPCTID) yesterday.

“The E grade senior manager is getting from a range of ZWL$3 721 to ZWL$4 523 that is the gross, so that is our senior management. Then we have the executive.
When we go to the executive, that is the directors. So we are saying HR manager, ICT manager, audit manager and finance manager. So the directors at the moment are getting $6 909,50, that is the gross salary for the directors,” Maphosa said.

She added that on top of these salaries, the senior and executive managers receive a 10% allowance benefit based on their salaries.

“On allowances for senior executives and management, we have got a 10% representative allowance. We also talk of the company vehicles and all that,” Maphosa said.

For the lowest paid worker, they receive a $88 and $110, transport and housing allowance, respectively.

The gap in salaries comes at a time the parastatal is saddled with corruption allegations, where millions of public funds cannot be accounted for.

Recently, Transport minister Joel Biggie Matiza appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Accounts, where he admitted that the road authority lost millions of dollars to corruption.

In these alleged acts of corruption, it has mostly been senior level managers and directors being implicated in the misuse of public funds received by Zinara.

Also appearing before the PPCTID, Zinara chairperson Michael Madanha revealed that currently, they were using an internal audit team to look into how the parastatal’s funds were being spent.

Currently, Zinara has put a budget of $239 million for its fiscal year.

Speaking to NewsDay Business following the appearance before the Transport and Infrastructure Development Committee, Zinara acting chief executive officer Saston Muzenda said they were working on implementing changes to earnings for senior managers and executives.

“Those are issues that are being addressed. That is why we are here to sort of sanitise the situation and deal with matters that relate to corporate governance compliance. We are going to look at everything in terms of the conditions of service,” he said.

“We are working on something to review the salaries of workers (lowest paid) through the collective bargaining negotiations.” Newsday


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