Friday 12 July 2019


A NUMBER of pupils who have not paid school fees at Barham Green (BG) Primary School in Bulawayo were yesterday chucked out of class while others wrote end of term examinations.

The pupils were put in separate classrooms or asked to play outside while others remained for the examinations.

It is against Government policy to send pupils home or punish them for failing to pay school fees or levies. Pupils whose parents fail to pay school fees and levies, according to the policy, should be allowed to attend classes while school authorities take measures to force defaulting parents to pay. 

A Chronicle news crew arrived at the school and witnessed some of the pupils playing outside while others were in the classrooms writing examinations.

Parents condemned the practice which they said started on Tuesday when examinations commenced.

“My child in Grade 6 was not allowed to write the end of term examinations since Tuesday because I have not been able to pay his school fees,” said one of the parents.

Parents were in disagreement with the act, saying the school authorities were infringing on their children’s rights to education. 

They further expressed concern over the economic situation which hindered them from paying school fees on time.

Acting Bulawayo Provincial Education Director (PED) Mrs Olicah Kaira said school authorities are not allowed to chase pupils from school due to non-payment of fees.

“No child is allowed to be chased out of school due to non- payment of school fees and all children have the right to sit for end of term school examinations,” she said.

Mrs Kaira encouraged parents to pay school fees to assist in the efficient running of schools.

The school’s deputy headmistress, a Mrs Khumalo, declined to comment.

“Can you come tomorrow because the bigger person who can attend to you is the headmaster who is currently in a meeting somewhere. I am just the deputy headmistress so I have no comment,” said Mrs Khumalo. Chronicle


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