Saturday 27 July 2019


FORMER Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc) commissioners disappeared with key dockets for corruption cases and efforts are currently being made to recover them.

In an interview, Zacc chair Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo said that the investigations department of the corruption-fighting body was compiling the list of missing documents. Once the dockets are recovered, she said, the culprits are likely to face the music.

“I received reports of former commissioners who took dockets and have not returned them. 
I have tasked the investigations department to compile the list of all dockets that are missing. However, I am yet to receive the information from the department.

I assure the nation that once the information is received the perpetrators will be brought to book. I have spoken before about the docket management system which is in shambles, making it difficult to trace dockets.

The commission is currently looking for funding to put in place a computerised case management system to ensure the security of dockets and ensure efficiency. 

Now that the commission is fully operational, this is one of the top agendas we are working on,” she said.

The former commission, which was led by Dr Job Wabhira, stepped down on 31 January 2019.

It is believed that the new Zacc is busy cleaning up the mess left by its predecessors who failed to transfer the Mt Pleasant property that is being used as the headquarters into the organisation’s name.

The US$1,7 million building is registered in the name of a private company, which was owned by former Zacc managers who have since been fired.

“I understand that the previous commission had begun the process of transfer of ownership and the legal services department is seized with the matter. The transfer will be expedited.”

Justice Matanda-Moyo has vowed to fight corruption at all levels. President Mnangagwa told the Namibian diaspora that he believes the new team can “bite”.

While stating that the former commission had become part of the scourge, the President implored Zimbabweans to work with the authorities to uproot the vice.

“We are determined to fight corruption, we had an anti-corruption commission as provided by our Constitution, but my view after some months in office, I realised that the commission was now part of the corruption.

So I removed it and only last week (a fortnight ago) I had to swear in a new team of commissioners. Corruption involves more than one person; generally, the one who is badly treated exposes the corruption. If both sides are satisfied, it takes long to discover.

We implore the public to come forward, we may put legislation to protect whistleblowers and give them benefits.”

Zacc was recently given arresting powers. Other commissioners of the new team include Jessie Majome, John Makamure, Gabriel Chaibva, Thandiwe Thando Mlobane, Frank Muchengwa, Michael Dennis Santi (Rtd Maj), Mrs Mabel Ndakaripa Hungwe and Kuziva Phineas Murapa. Sunday Mail


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