Friday 5 July 2019


DETECTIVES in Chipinge have arrested a gang of notorious armed robbers who were terrorising business people in the district using firearms and other dangerous weapons.

The cops had a daunting task to arrest the stubborn robbers following a fierce exchange of gunfire. The daring suspects only gave in after some of them were wounded in the exchanges.

The arrest of the suspects, who are facing three counts of robberies, brought a sigh of relief to residents who were now living in constant fear following a spate of robberies. 

Michael Chimukuze (45) of 2386 Chinzanga Township in Mutoko, Paidamoyo Nemusasa (28) of 4774 Unit  J Seke in Chitungwiza, Tsvuura Tsvuura (36) of Newlands Zengeza 4 in Chitungwiza and William Mazambani (33) of Mutekede Village under Chief Rusambo in Rushinga were arrested for orchestrating some of the robberies.

They are accused of masterminding robberies in Chibuwe, Zivachako and Mapuranga homesteads.

Chipinge Criminal Investigation Department spokesperson, Detective Assistant Inspector Daniel Mhini confirmed the arrest of the five suspects.

“Yes I can confirm the arrest of the syndicate which operated from Chitungwiza. The culprits were aided by local criminals who were tasked to look for targets and led the syndicate to respective homesteads and business centres. 

“On May 28, the gang which was armed with two pistols, iron bars and knives pounced at Mapuranga homestead. They pretended to be police officers and demanded to see Jacob Mapuranga. During the commotion they pointed the firearms at the victims and demanded cash.

“They assaulted everyone at the homestead and ransacked the house in search of cash. The gang took a bag containing various clothing items worth $750,” he said

Ass Insp Mhini said in pursuant to their mission, the gang organised another robbery.

“On June 10, the gang organised and approached Zivachako homestead at Kondo Business Centre. They jumped over the precast wall and manhandled two male adults who were sleeping in the veranda. The gang then manhandled the premise proprietor Pamela Penyakufa and force marched her into her bedroom.

“They took US$24 000, R44 200 and RTGS$2 859 and went away,” he said. Ass Insp Mhini said the gang then committed another robbery the following week at Chibuwe Business Centre. 

“On June 28, the suspects pounced on Samuel Maadza’s homestead stole R186,000 and RTGS$17,000,” he said.

Ass Isp Mhini said the detectives intercepted one of the culprits William Mazambani who was driving a Toyota Chaser which was used to commit some of the crimes.

“A manhunt was carried resulting in the arrest of the criminals following a violent exchange of gunfire with detectives. The ring leader Tsvuura was shot on the left leg during the cross fire. Their arrest led to the recovery of a Toyota Harrier, a  pistol charged with seven rounds of live ammunition and a toy pistol,” he added. Manica Post


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