Wednesday 3 July 2019


IN a suspected case of juju a Kambuzuma woman shocked residents by throwing a party with her friends and a coffin in her house last week.

The 31-year-old Mercy Mupare’s party has left tongues wagging with many accusing her of Satanism. Mercy had the coffin for eight days and she lives with her ten-year-old son at her rented house.

She confirmed having the coffin while she held a party with her friends but dismissed the Satanism allegations.

“I bought the coffin and took it home because it was cheaper than what was being charged by the funeral palour,” said Mercy.

“We wanted to cut costs since the body had taken many days to arrive from UK. I bought it in Mbare for US$260 when a renowned funeral palour we used for other duties charged US$730.

“Akashaika uyu murume wasisi va Aamai vangu saka vanopinda positori uye vakanga vasina mari yakakwana.

“Neighbours provoked me by suspecting that I am into Satanism as if they do not know that some families are poor. Some spread rumours that I was being used by my pastor into Satanism because of my closeness to our pastor when it is not true,” said Mercy.

She said the coffin has since been removed from her house and upon arrival of the deceased who was buried in Madziva last Saturday.

Mercy said the party was organised days before the passing on of the deceased and it was neither a birthday or wedding party but a celebration of life with her friends.

“The coffin was here for eight days and I kept it in my spare room since I occupy three rooms at this rented house.

“Party yakanga iringoriwo party kwete zvekuti birthday or what kwaingovawo kufara.

“My neighbours always talk bad about me because of groceries I receive from my husband based in South Africa and I also exposed a sexual abuse case that involved one of the neighbours.

“I am not moved by what people say about it and I have since buried my relative; case closed.

“The party was planned days before the funeral so I could not cancel it and that annoyed many and they began accusing me of Satanism.

“We never put on black attire as alleged but takafara zvedu nehama neshamwari dzinosanganisira macelebs,” said Mercy.

The neighbours, however, seem not to believe Mercy’s story. “We have never witnessed a coffin taken into a house without the body only to be told that she wanted to use it when her relative she claim had passed on in United Kingdom arrives,” said one of the residents.

“We were surprised to see her partying with her friends dressed in black. Our fears are that we are staying with someone who is practicing Satanism in our neighbourhood and the deceased she claim had died is still to come from UK,” said one resident. H Metro


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