Wednesday 3 July 2019


Chitungwiza Municipality has come under fire from residents who are accusing authorities of wanton abuse of council funds while service delivery in the town is deteriorating.

Chitungwiza residents are accusing the town municipality and its management of abuse of council funds, following the holding of a series of workshops, the latest being a team building workshop in Kadoma which gobbled up over ZW$400 000 of rate payers’ money.

Documents in possession of ZBC News show that each participant at the workshop pocketed an average of ZW$10 000.

“We have had enough of this sewage flowing around and these people see it too as some of them live here but they are not doing anything about it,” said one of the residents.

Contacted for comment, Chitungwiza Municipality Public Relations Officer, Lovemore Meya dismissed the allegations, saying the municipality is doing all it can to ensure it provides proper service delivery to its residents.</p>

“We are doing all we can under difficult circumstances. The issue of uncollected refuse stems from the unavailability of fuel and on sewer, it is because of the old equipment,” he said.

The residents say the situation in their town is unacceptable since garbage is not being collected, while raw sewer flowing on the streets and in houses has become a permanent feature in Chitungwiza.


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