Tuesday 16 July 2019


BULAWAYO City Council Town Clerk Mr Christopher Dube is still locked out of his office from where he was violently ejected by Deputy Mayor Councillor Tinashe Kambarami and his sidekick last Thursday.

Mr Dube was removed from his office by Clr Kambarami working closely with Ward Four Clr Silas Chigora as they claimed that they were suspending him from work over a number of allegations including abuse of office.

However, on Friday, Bulawayo Mayor Solomon Mguni, who was away on study leave, lifted the alleged suspension. Mr Dube yesterday said the Deputy Mayor is yet to deliver his office keys.

“I have not stopped my duties but he (Clr Kambarami) is still refusing to open the office. The Mayor is back in office so I’m leaving everything in his hands,” he said.

Mr Dube said he would only be able to speak on the obtaining issues after legal matters have been dealt with but was humbled by solidarity messages he got from the public.

He filed assault charges against Clr Kambarami and Clr Chigora leading to the duo’s arrest on Friday. The two appeared in court on Saturday and were granted $100 bail each.

Clr Mguni said he was still waiting for Clr Kambarami to act as he was directed.

“The Town Clerk is at work. His office keys are with the Deputy Mayor. I am also waiting for the Deputy Mayor to hand over the case to me. We are handling the matter amicably. You will be advised of the outcome in due course.

It’s just that I have not yet met with the Deputy Mayor so that he briefs me on what happened during my absence. I am sure it’s not his intention not to return the keys. Maybe he is busy somewhere,” he said.

Clr Mguni said the BCC regrets Thursday’s developments but did not guarantee that similar incidents would not recur.

“I may not make assurances about the future, but we want to apologise to the residents of Bulawayo on the unfortunate incidences of Thursday and Friday. We could have handled the situation better than we did,” he said.

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association co-ordinator Mr Emmanuel Ndlovu said it was tragic that Clr Kambarami was personalising the Town Clerk’s issue.

“From the onset this suspension of the Town Clerk was a sham, it was done unprocedurally.

The Deputy Mayor should not use his emotions on this case. He seems to have personalised the case instead of addressing it on its merits. This has a far reaching bearing on service delivery as well as the merits and demerits of the case,” said Mr Ndlovu.

He said residents would engage the Chamber Secretary Mrs Sikhangele Zhou and Clr Mguni to explain the developments at City Hall.

Mr Ndlovu said what transpired last week erodes public confidence in councillors and council management hence they need to handle the matter properly. 

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Cde July Moyo on Friday said Mr Dube’s treatment was unfortunate.

He said certain procedures have to be followed before Mr Dube takes over his office as some of his office documents might have been removed from it.

Mr Dube has reportedly resisted the meddlesome conduct of MDC Alliance councillors who are interfering in the local authority’s operations.

The councillors are said to be miffed especially by the Town Clerk’s refusal to let them interfere in the distribution of the $5 million ward retention fund, procurement processes and the employment of community groups and control of the subcommittee on allocation of stands and premises. Chronicle


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