Sunday 28 July 2019


A controversial activist is mobilising support for the ouster of Bulawayo councillors so that they could be replaced by a government-appointed commission.

Anglistone Sibanda of the government-aligned Church and Civic Society Joint Forum told a public meeting convened by the Bulawayo Progressive Residents’ Association (BPRA) that a commission was the only viable route to solve problems facing the city.

He said the city needed an interim authority to run its affairs, while the MDC, which runs Bulawayo, addressed its internal problems.

BPRA had invited to the meeting representatives from the Combined Harare Residents’ Association and Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Trust to share experiences with commissions in their cities. 

At the end of the meeting, the residents agreed that Bulawayo did not need a government-appointed commission.

“Residents resolved that they do not want an un elected commission that will subvert the will of the people and democratic values and principles taking over Bulawayo,” reads part of the resolutions from the Friday meeting.

“Residents resolved that a forensic audit be carried out on Bulawayo dating back 10 years. The forensic audit should quantify the economic cost of corruption in Bulawayo.

“Residents resolved that corrupt councillors be recalled by their party and by-elections be held to replace them.”

Last week, MDC deputy president Welshman Ncube warned residents and pressure groups against agitating for a commission, describing it as a coup against popularly elected councillors.

BPRA acting coordinator Emmanuel Ndlovu also distanced the grouping from claims that it was behind calls for a commission to replace the MDC-led council. Standard


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