Monday 29 July 2019


THE bruising fight between South Africa based businessman, Frank Buyanga Sadiqi, and his ex-girlfriend, Chantelle Muteswa has added another dimension.

Buyanga is now claiming RTGS$10 million from Chantelle’s mother, Judith, for allegedly making a false report against him to the police and, in the process, defamed him.

In his claim, Buyanga said on or about April 23, 2019, Judith Muteswa, without locus standing, wrongfully laid a criminal complaint against him for contempt of court on the grounds that he had defied a court order, when the court order in question, in fact, gave him the right of access to his minor child.

“According to a Memorandum of Understanding between plaintiff (Buyanga) and his former girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa, plaintiff would return the minor child into her custody after the child’s visitation to the plaintiff,” Buyanga said.

“Defendant (Judith) made a false report to the police when she knew or ought to have known that plaintiff had not defied any court order and that, in fact, it was defendant’s daughter Chantelle Muteswa, whose whereabouts were unknown and plaintiff could not leave his minor child in defendant’s custody.”

He said the mentioned criminal report was subsequently reported in various media publications and read by members of the general public as well as the local and international business community.

“The defendant deliberately and maliciously filed a false report to the police having been fully aware that the plaintiff was compliant with the court order. As a result of the malicious prosecution and subsequent defamatory publication, the plaintiff’s standing and reputation in society has been diminished and soiled locally, regionally and internationally all resultant from the defendant’s wrongful actions.

“The newspapers which reported the allegations have wide readership and also have online editions. The articles, therefore, had and still have an international audience. The damage to the plaintiff is, therefore, a continuing one. Plaintiff has thus far been damaged in his reputation and has suffered damages in the amount of Z$10 000 000,” Buyanga said.

Chantelle Tatenda Muteswa (31) also recently appeared in court facing contempt of court charges when she appeared before Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko. H Metro


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