Friday 7 June 2019


RUSSIAN billionaire and owner of The London Evening Standard, The Independent (UK) and television channel London Live, Mr Evgeny Lebedev, has commended the economic reforms being implemented by the new dispensation led by President Mnangagwa to lure potential investors to take advantage of the abundant resources and the peaceful environment that exists in the country.

Speaking soon after meeting President Mnangagwa at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare yesterday, Mr Lebedev said there are vast economic opportunities in the country’s economy that are yet to be tapped.

“There are some positive reforms taking place in the country and these send a positive message to the rest of the world to come and invest in Zimbabwe.
“Zimbabwe has vast opportunities especially in the tourism sector hence there is a need to market Zimbabwe extensively as a safe tourism destination,” he said.

The country boasts of untapped mineral resources, tourist resorts such as the Victoria Falls, Mutarazi Falls, Great Zimbabwe among other attractions.

“This country has numerous opportunities, particularly in the tourism sector but there is a need to unlock value through extensive marketing of the country as a safe tourist destination.

“There is plenty of wildlife, waterfalls, rivers and mountainous areas that can attract tourists which can boost the country’s economy,” said Mr Lebedev. 

He said Zimbabwe has got a bright future if it can leverage on its prime tourist destinations and wildlife management.

“Tourism and wildlife management can be the major game changer for the country’s economy,” Mr Lebedev said.

Recently, President Mnangagwa indicated that the country’s peaceful environment was a catalyst for investment and this puts the country in good stead to become the industrial hub of Sadc as well as the gateway into the North-South Corridor.

“There are a lot of positive messages in turning around the country’s economy. The new dispensation is moving in the right direction especially in making Zimbabwe an investment hub,” he said. Herald


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