Tuesday 4 June 2019


POLICE Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga yesterday said police officers are expected to be disciplined and perform their duties with integrity following their retraining.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) embarked on a national rebranding exercise that has seen junior police officers going for refresher training courses.

The retraining and imparting of skills is one of the recommendations by the Motlanthe Commission, which noted that police officers should be given skills and capacity and be retained to be professional.

The retraining programme started with officers-in-charge at stations in Harare and their deputies.  
It seeks to equip police officers with the latest policing trends and public order management systems that include crowd control skills.

President Mnangagwa has also called for the realignment of the police force with the New Dispensation’s vision of opening up the democratic space.

In a speech read on his behalf by Deputy Commissioner-General Learn Ncube during the closing ceremony of the rebranding and refresher training courses for 64 officers from the Midlands and Masvingo provinces at Ntabazinduna Depot in Matabeleland North, Comm-Gen Matanga said the courses sought to rebuild the organisation’s image.

“Going forward, we expect your work ethics and actions to truly reflect that you were exposed to this high-level training programme,” he said. 

“We also expect that as officers-in-charge you exhibit the highest standard of discipline and integrity so that your character and actions mirror the new brand that the organisation envisages.”

Comm-Gen Matanga said officers should be professional to set a standard for their subordinates, as well as gain trust from the general public in fighting crime.

“The level of professionalism, integrity, dedication, loyalty and impartiality expected from you should give momentum to your subordinates and all stakeholders towards the desired collective effort in dealing with crime,” he said. “Above all, communities that you serve should also enjoy the fruits of such admirable values.”

Comm-Gen Matanga said officers must be a symbol of peace and tranquillity as the police play a critical role of maintaining peace, paving way for Foreign Direct Investment under the mantra, ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’.

“This, therefore, bids us to effectively complement this noble thrust by facilitating a safe and secure Zimbabwe where all citizens and visitors will be free to pursue their business activities of their choice without any hindrances,” he said.

Comm-Gen Matanga said the retraining helps in improving crime management, community policing and stewardship in the country. Herald


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