Monday 24 June 2019


A 40-YEAR-OLD man from Masvingo allegedly hanged himself from a tree at his homestead last Tuesday.

Lastborn Bhusvu of Rwodzi Village under Chief Chimombe in Bhasera had appeared before Gutu resident magistrate, Mr Victor Mahamadi facing charges of assaulting his mother.

The magistrate had postponed the matter to June 25 for trial. Mr Mahamadi on Thursday bemoaned the incident, saying the death of the accused was unfortunate.

“It’s both a shocking and unfortunate development to learn that the accused decided to kill himself over a pending case,” he said.

Bhusvu was being accused of clobbering the elderly woman as punishment for accepting his sister’s children born out of wedlock.

He accused his sister of “repeatedly divorcing and bringing her children from different men to their home. Bhusvu is alleged to have told his mother that his sister’s behaviour was a burden to the whole family.

Prosecuting, Mr Samuel Magobeya told the court that on July 18 last year, Bhusvu approached his mother and asked her why she accepted into her custody, his sister’s children born from different fathers.

 He said an argument ensued resulting in Bhusvu assaulting his mother.  The matter was reported to the police leading to his arrest. Chronicle


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