Tuesday 4 June 2019


Netherlands-based Zimbabwean musician Vimbai Zimuto says her upcoming exhibition is not about nudity as some have claimed, but it will feature comedy, poetry and pictures.

The singer is hosting her first exhibition at The Venue in Avondale on June 27, dubbed ‘Vimbaitude Photographic Art Exhibition’.

The event will run under the theme ‘Bold African Lioness’. In an interview with The Herald, the narcissist said the exhibition is all about people getting to know who she is and her world of art.

“I am a diverse artist. I am a musician, model, dancer, choreographer, writer, actress and film director by profession. I have been limiting my potential for too long due to fear of the unknown and always waiting for people to accept me but now I am doing it all without boundaries or feeling unsure because I can do this,” she said.

Zimuto said although she wants to express much of herself, the exhibition will also feature some surprise acts.

“I have lots of visual and performing artistes of different genre lined up for this exhibition. I will also be releasing the artistes soon after all the contracts has been signed up,” she said.

Asked what inspired the exhibition, the bubbly dreadlocked artistes said it is about boldness.
“I want people to get to know who Vimbai Zimuto is and her world of art. Again also the boldness of an African goddess who has no apologies for being herself has greatly inspired this exhibition. Black women are judged in the world for their hair, skin, body structure, beauty and so forth and when they see a natural black women being so proud they feel challenged, frustrated and tickled because that is one thing our ancestors had and were robbed off. My Africa-ness is more powerful and is something money can’t buy,” she said.

She said her late grandmother was her role model.

The “Hapana Kwaunoenda” hitmaker added that she would never defend her nudity art because it needs a proper naked eye to see, feel and understand it.

“For that part I would never protect or guard my nudity art. In fact it does not need defence,” she said.

Zimuto said she is working hard on her music career so that she can penetrate the local music industry.
“I have two albums online ‘Kure Kwemeso’ and ‘Hapana Kwaunoenda’. They are selling amazingly well online but now I need to bring my music to my people and that is why I am working so hard to reach the Zimbabwean audience,” she said.
She said Jasper Mandizera of Ivhu Tribe designs her odd, beautiful and sometimes obstinate outfits.

“I would love to work with a lot more Zimbabwean designers but right now I am designing most of my clothes and sometimes Ivhu Tribe’s Jasper Mandizera does that for me,” she said. Herald


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