Tuesday 18 June 2019


A Chitungwiza woman has admitted to using juju to steal from people. Fiona Chihwata, who confesses to have been a con-artist since 2014 after being caught stealing a cellphone, says that was how she earned a living.

She bared all at Harare Central Police station after she was nabbed for stealing a cellphone last Sunday.

Her husband Peace Nhare also concurred with Chihwata that she uses ‘strong’ juju to dupe people of their valuables and has always been successful which saw her fending for the family.

She said she convinces people by pretending to be in need whilst in the streets and in the process she then steals their valuables.

“I have been deceiving people by asking them to count my money and then dodge them so that I take something important from them like cell phones. 

“Everything that I steal I sell it and that’s how I make money,” she said. She said she uses multiple names and claims that no one knows her real name except for her husband who supports her.

“My real name is Kudakwashe and I don’t walk around with my national ID. Even my husband knows that I am a con artist and he is in support of my job,” said Chihwata.

Fiona’s husband Nhare said he was aware of the antics used by his wife. “I know my wife is a con artist and she has been doing this for years. I am surprised that she was even taken to the police station because she uses strong Juju to confuse people.

“I am also a con artist but my wife does it more perfectly than me,” he said. H Metro


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