Tuesday 11 June 2019


ZIM DANCEHALL chanter Seh Calaz recently released an audio advising Enzo Ishall not to follow Apostle Batsirai Java’s guidance to sing gospel music.

The audio has gone viral on social media sparking controversy and debates among Zim dancehall fans.

On the audio, Calaz advises Enzo Ishall not to follow Apostle Java’s idea of becoming a gospel artiste and he also said the Kanjiva singer should not be encouraged to leave secular music because of someone’s money. 

“… I don’t need to be born again kuti ndinzi ndaimba gospel reggae, kutoimba gospel mupfanha bho but ngaasasiye dancehall jah man, dancehall haisi music yaSatan.

“Kana tichiita dancehall ichiteererwa kumachurch ndiMwari iyeye jah man…

“… ngaasateere life yemumwe munhu nekuti anenge achivhiringidzwa netumacents, trust me you will live to regret it ndezvetwo minutes zviya zviya.

“Yes imba gospel album hazvina kuipa but usafurirwe kunzi ita gospel artiste, zvekuudzwa neumwe munhu because wapihwa chii, waiziya…,” said Calaz on the audio. 

However, Enzo Ishall’s camp did not agree with Seh Calaz’ sentiments saying the Mabhanditi Boss is seeking relevance.

“Enzo Ishall never said he is now a gospel artiste and he was never told by anyone to become a gospel artiste.

“He was only asked to produce a gospel album which is good for him as an artiste.

“Enzo is soon to release Mombe Mumunda and Highest Score which are dancehall songs, so artistes like Calaz should understand one thing it’s now time to appreciate Enzo Ishall not to fight him because it’s clear the young man still has more to offer,” said close handlers of Enzo Ishall.

Enzo Ishall’s handlers added: “Calaz was wrong to make such a comment ,the truth is he knew that Enzo will remain a dancehall artiste, but he took it as an opportunity to destroy the upcoming star by making it look like Enzo Ishall is greedy enough to abandon his dancehall journey.

“Calaz himself has got gospel songs, who made a negative comment when he released them. I think it’s fair to say Calaz ari kuda kushandisa zita raEnzo kuti ataurwe. Simple!” 

One of Seh Calaz’s handlers, King George distanced the Mabhanditi boss from seeking limelight through Zim dancehall man of the moment – Enzo Ishall.

“To be honest there is no story there. It wasn’t even gossip. Calaz has no issue with Enzo Ishall or Apostle Java.

“He was simply giving an opinion. Nothing personal. I’m not sure of anyone who has taken issue with that audio,” said King George. H Metro


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