Monday 17 June 2019


The opposition MDC has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of being divorced from reality, claiming his views and understanding of the situation obtaining on the ground do no tally with the current situation.
In an interview yesterday, MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Mnangagwa’s radio interview on Friday shows a leader who is out of touch with reality.

Mnangagwa touched on many issues, among them political dialogue, general hardships experienced by many as a result of the increasing cost of living, his government programmes and targets, among others.

He also spoke on the need to fight corruption. However, Mafume said Mnangagwa skirted important issues, a sign that he was clueless about the situation currently obtaining in the country.

“The man is out of sorts, confuses elementary principles of economics and runs on bus stop theories, most of which were generated by his paid social media trolls,” Mafume said.

“Mnangagwa failed to address the issue of eroded earnings, people are no longer earning anything in real terms and the salaries of civil servants have gone below $100 in real value and that has not been addressed.

“He failed to address the issue of persisting fuel shortages and the increasing prices. He failed to say what he is doing to stop corruption and issues around the economic trajectory. He also failed to address the issue of currency, especially on how the currency will be supported, where will be the support coming from and how will it be kept afloat.

“He kept on talking about being proud of having your own currency without saying how they will create a currency that people will be proud of. He didn’t address issues of reforms, what reform have they done in the past year as media is still largely controlled by the State, police and military still interfere in State affairs.”

Mafume said Mnangagwa’s response to issues around the political dialogue which he initiated were not convincing because nothing has come out of it.

“Never in history has a President spoken for so long without saying anything. He looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights and a man drowning under the weight of sheer cluelessness,” he said. Newsday


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