Wednesday 5 June 2019


JAILED former RMG End Time Message leader, Robert Martin Gumbura, yesterday begged for a picture with popular dancer Beverly Sibanda at the Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

Bev visited the correctional centre with several musicians as Suluman Chimbetu, who is the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Service ambassador, celebrated his 37th birthday behind bars.

Gumbura, who had 14 wives before being incarcerated, described Bev as a beautiful woman demanding a selfie with her, possibly to get closer to the dancer.

He confessed to H-Metro that he is happy to see Bev since he admires her dance moves.
The Sexy Angels leader left male inmates drooling with her ‘waist management’ and suggestive acrobatics.

“I want a selfie with Bev because she is beautiful,” confessed Gumbura.

“I am happy. I admire her moves. That is the reason I requested for a picture with her,” he said.
He thanked Bev for entertaining them saying he had relieved some form of stress after watching her performing.

“She actually relieved a bit of stress from me after watching her,” he said.

Gumbura had Sulu to thank after he requested to help him in cake cutting subsequently leading him to see Bev. H Metro


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