Saturday 25 May 2019


MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa has threatened to unleash unspecified action that will propel his party to power soon after its ongoing congress which is being held in Gweru.

Mr Chamisa’s utterances come amid various reports that a group of shady organisations from Zimbabwe with links to the opposition MDC-Alliance have in recent months been hard at work laying groundwork for civil unrest set to be unleashed next month.

Foreign organisations are co-ordinating workshops and training in Zimbabwe, the region and overseas to effect regime change in the country. According to information at hand, the organisations are seeking to unleash a massive wave of violent demonstrations beginning next month, with ring leaders of civil unrest having received training in the Czech Republic and the Maldives.

Addressing his party supporters at the ongoing congress at Ascot Stadium in Gweru, Mr Chamisa said the party was ready for a direct confrontation with Government and President Mnangagwa even if it meant blood will be shed. He said MDC-Alliance supporters were prepared to die to achieve their “objective”. 

“So what is 2019 for us. It is a year of a new direction for the nation and the party. We want to change the direction of the nation. Tichingobva ku-congress chatsva chatsva chatsva (As soon as the congress is finished its game on). We are going to mobilise for change in this country.

We are going to come and talk to you, do you agree with me that as soon as we finish our congress togadzirira nyika yedu (we sort out our country). Canaan is not far. It cannot be far and we are almost getting there.

“Today tichibva pano sunga one sunga dozen. A people united can never be defeated. Isu takafa kare Tsvangirai akati pawaruma ruma sejuru chero musoro ukasara damburika ipapo (We died long ago and Tsvangirai told us long back that we must be like ants that will better lose the body while clawing to their target). I said 2023 is far. Why do I say it’s far, we must make sure that we have a democratic election in this country as soon as possible. If they refuse we are going to drag them. Some asked me how we are going to get there. There is a dark cloud over us and unless we desiccate the country will plunge into further problems,” he said.

Mr Chamisa also castigated rowdy behaviour in his party accusing youths of being bribed by beer and money. 

“These young ones (party youths) are being bought beer and being given money. This is the problem in my party. If you campaign you should campaign properly,” he said. Sunday News


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