Sunday 26 May 2019


FOUR Zimbabwean women have appeared in a South African court, facing charges of assault and kidnapping, after a video of them assaulting an unidentified woman they accused of being a husband snatcher went viral.

South African media reports suggest the women are illegal immigrants and are facing up to three years each in jail if found guilty.

The women who have since been identified as Jane Nyama, Adda Mukwanda, Memort Maraura and Juliana Chaputika appeared before a Durban magistrate last Thursday, where they were granted bail and will make another court appearance in June.

The video, which attracted the attention of Zimbabwean police opens with one of the suspects recording herself, where she says nhasi tiriku . . . (today we are beating up a prostitute). 

Thereafter, a woman is seen lying on the ground being haplessly whipped with what appears to be a thin tree branch, before being kicked by one of the suspects. Soon after, the suspect appears carrying a knife before cutting the unidentified woman’s hair.

“The knife is not sharp enough,” one of the women is heard saying. 
The assailant in the video discards the knife before going to fetch another.

“Next time you see my husband you should run away,” she says while cutting and kicking the woman. 

While trying to resist her assailant cutting her hair, two more women appear in the video to assist her in her barrage by holding down the woman.

Lately there has been an increase of people shooting videos of themselves engaging in misdemeanours, which in most cases have landed them in court and ultimately being fined or jailed.

The irony of the whole scenario is that in most cases people record these videos to humiliate their victims but in turn end up with an egg on their faces. Sunday News


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