Thursday 9 May 2019


Updates by the Herald
1205: President Mnangagwa ends his speech by saying Government will resolve challenges affecting the nation but urges business to operate morally.

1203: The President says we are one nation and Cde Velaphi was committed to unity. He says Government is committed to dialogue with parties committed to the development of the country.

1201: President Mnangagwa says the national hero leaves a legacy of humility and servant leadership.

“He was a humble person despite his liberation war credentials….I urge the nation to emulate the late national hero by putting the interests of the country above personal interests…shun corruption, tribalism and regionalism,”
1200: “After independence he was instrumental in the unity of PF Zapu and Zanu in 1987 that led to the formation of Zanu-PF,”

1157: Cde Velaphi was arrested in 1963 for possession of arms of war. He was arrested on two occasions from the late 1960s up to independence.

1155: “He committed several acts of sabotage against the colonial regime with other youths in the National Democratic Party,”

1153: The President says the loss of a loved one leaves a deep gap but says the Velaphi family should find comfort that the nation is mourning with them. He says the late national hero was an unflinching person who was committed to defending the sovereignty of the nation before and after independence. The President says the late national hero joined politics after witnessing the ill treatment of blacks.

1151: He described Cde Velaphi as one of the pioneers of the struggle who was dedicated to the liberation of the country.

1146: President Mnangagwa begins his address.

1146: Home Affairs and Cultural Affairs Minister Cain Mathema invites President Mnangagwa to address the mourners.

1130: Family representative Mr Douglas Dube rise to give his remarks on Cde Ntundu Velaphi.

1120: Official proceedings begin with a word of prayer from a minister of religion.

1107: The body of the national hero has also arrived.

1106: President Mnangagwa has arrived to a rapturous welcome from the crowd at the national shrine.

1053: Vice Presidents Chiwenga and Mohadi together with their spouses have arrived at the national shrine.

1050: The service chiefs already seated at the National Heroes Acre ahead of the burial of Cde Misheck Velaphi.


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