Thursday 2 May 2019


THE Government has dismissed social media’s claims that tollgate fees had increased with effect from yesterday.

Social media sites claimed Motorbikes would pay US$4, R60 and RTGS $15, light vehicles were pegged at US$9, R140 and RTGS $34 while heavy vehicles drivers would fork out US$23, R350 and RTGS $86.

All foreign vehicles, the message read, would pay in USD or rand only. Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) spokesperson, Mr Augustine Moyo, yesterday urged motorists to ignore the reports.

“An image that is circulating on social media of purported new tollgate fees is of road access fees and was probably taken at Beitbridge Border Post. It is not of tollgate fees. Zinara cannot wake up and increase toll tariffs.

“While there have been proposals to review current tariffs, the Government has a system and through that system if there is any increase on tariffs it will be gazetted therefore l urge motorists not to panic,” he said.

The Government has repeatedly warned members of the public against relying on social media for information. 

To protect citizens, a law is being crafted to regulate social media use so that people behave responsibly online.

Recently the Registrar General Mr Clement Masango dismissed a rumour on social media that passport fees were going to be increased.

“That is not true. I am concerned as the Registrar General that some people seem to thrive on creating controversy meant to instil alarm and despondency in society.

“This kind of behaviour must be condemned in the strongest terms. To members of the public, I would want to say it is not Government practice to communicate official matters through social media.

“There are no plans to revise passport fees upwards as alleged by the social media,” he said.

It was said that fees for normal passports were to be increased to $253 while that of an urgent passport was going to be pegged at $800. 

Energy and Power Development Minister, Joram Gumbo, at the weekend dismissed social media reports suggeting there were plans to increase price of fuel.

In an interview Mr Gumbo said the Government was not planning to increase fuel prices and urged motorists not to panic. Chronicle


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