Friday 3 May 2019


SURVIVORS of Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani wake up every day to hunt for the next donation disbursement point as they battle to restore livelihoods ravaged by the furious tropical storm.

The donation craze, which is now a norm after Cyclone Idai claimed lives of breadwinners, destroyed houses, workplaces and displaced thousands, has seen some villagers moving from one distribution point to the other, including those not affected by the floods.
Salvation Army’s Lieutenant Garnet Muringai, who conducted the burial of the 21 bodies interred at

Chimanimani heroes acre at the height of Cyclone Idai devastation, told The Manica Post that residents of Ngangu and surrounding areas wake up to trek the next donation disbursement point.
Lieutenant Muringai said the survivors were in dire need of warm blankets.

“The situation has improved in terms of accessibility, with particular reference to Ngangu Township. We are really grateful for the donations that we received from day one. 

“However, we have realised that it is now a norm for people to wake up to hunt for the next donation disbursement point. It is even surprising how these people sniff the disbursement points.

“For example, it only takes a few minutes for people to gather in huge numbers at one point before moving to the other. It looks as if there are some social media platforms where such information is shared.

“It is worth noting that in terms of goods being disbursed, we now have enough clothes, but blankets are still a big problem. Generally, Chimanimani is a very cold area, especially in winter. Most families here do not have enough and warm blankets.

“Some people from nearby areas are also taking advantage of the situation to join queues and get donations meant for the survivors. We suspect that some are even taking these goods, especially clothes for resale,” he said. 

Mr Thulani Sibiya, a survivor who lost his wife and son during the cyclone, said villagers from other villages were besieging Ngangu in search of donations.

“We have some coming from Machongwe and Shiri villages to get donations meant for Ngangu residents yet their respective areas have their own allocations of donations.

“It is clear that some of the goods they are collecting, especially clothes are for other reasons, including resale. We hope authorities will look into this scam and take corrective action to avoid disadvantaging deserving beneficiaries,” he said.

Several countries, NGOs, business organisations and individuals have donated a wide range of goods to help survivors in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai in Chimanimani and Chipinge.

Victims are still struggling to feed themselves, let alone their livestock.The SPCA has been helping to feed and vaccinate animals against diseases.


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