Sunday 19 May 2019


THE Zanu-PF Bulawayo provincial leadership and restructuring team yesterday declared the provincial elections null and void, with former war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda, who was eyeing the chairman’s post, being asked to step aside. 

In an interview after the elections were declared null and void at the party provincial headquarters, Davies Hall, Zanu-PF director in the commissariat Cde George Nare said elections were moved to next Saturday after it was realised that the calibre of party members that were being nominated into leadership positions was below the party’s expectations and standards.

He, however, said election results that came out of Saturday’s polls still stand.
Cde Nare said during Saturday’s elections, Cde Rejoice Ndlovu was elected chairperson of the Women’s League, while Cdes Cephas Ncube and Garikayi Zonde were elected as chairpersons of the Main Wing and Youth League respectively.

On Cde Sibanda not participating in the elections, Cde Nare said the former war veterans’ leader had not been disqualified, but was asked not to contest.

“He was persuaded by fellow war veterans not to contest and allow Cde Ncube, who is chairman of the war veterans in Bulawayo province, to do so which he won resoundingly,” he said.
On nullification of yesterday’s process, Cde Nare said as the elections progressed they realised that the calibre of candidates who were being elected to occupy critical provincial posts left a lot to be desired.

He said people with criminal records were now finding their way into the provincial leadership yet the party requires disciplined people with sound education and experience.

Cde Nare said the party also discovered that some people were not registered voters.
He said Zanu-PF wants to choose people on merit in line with its theme of rebuilding the party.

“As the Bulawayo provincial executive council elections progressed, we discovered that the people who were being elected didn’t have the requisite qualifications and experience to occupy the posts. They’re not able to mobilise more people to join the party and lack the capacity to manage affairs of the province,” said Cde Nare. Herald


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