Wednesday 29 May 2019


Local celebrities, Pokello Nare, Ammara Brown and Fungisai Mashavave-Zvakavapano will today auction their favourite clothes on the BidBuddie online auctioning platform.

BidBuddie, Econet’s e-commerce application will be launched today for use by those who have possessions that they no longer need and want to sell through bidding. The BidBuddie auction will operate 24 hours a day and to start participating in the buying and selling, one has to download the app and register.

Socialite, Pokello Nare popularly known as the Queen of Swagger said she will be auctioning her favourite dress whose look got the most likes on social media. 

“I’ll be giving away my favourite monochrome dress which is my most Retweeted and liked look on social media. So if you want to bid for the dress that will be accompanied by the latest shoes from my Pokello Pink Bottoms collection, then you need to download the BidBuddie App and prepare to bid on the launch day (today),” she said.

The bid will start at RTGS$30.

Ammara Brown will be auctioning her red dress which she wore on the Akiliz music video cover shoot. The dress, she said was of sentimental value to her as Akiliz introduced her to the international stage.

“When I look at this dress, I think of two things, one being the most amazing local designer – Sandra Steel (who designed it) and secondly, the time when I decided to turn my pain into power. I was on set at 4AM in the morning wearing this dress and trying to shoot the cover advert for Akiliz so I can share it with the world. 

“Akiliz is the biggest song I’ve ever had. It broke me onto the international world. It also won award after award so this dress is very special to me,” said Ammara.

Fungisai will be auctioning her leather boots which she wore on the Vanondibatirana music video.

“These are more than just shoes to me. They were the bridge that I had to the heart of young people at a point when they were subdued by obscenities, violence and drugs packaged as the only available music.

“I needed a draw card, something to stop the world so it looks in my direction and these shoes did exactly that. Now it’s time to give them to the next person who’s saying ‘look this direction, I’ve something to offer’. Chronicle


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