Thursday 16 May 2019


Former Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe is facing jail over a US$24 237 debt after Quality Insurance Company approached the High Court seeking an order to have him caged over a 2012 debt. 

The insurance firm issued summons for civil imprisonment against Mukupe at the High Court.

He is yet to respond to the litigation. In its declaration, Quality Insurance says Mukupe is required to pay the claimed sum by virtue of a judgment which was obtained by the company against him almost seven years ago. 

“You (Mukupe) are called upon to pay the plaintiff (Quality Insurance) the sum (of) US$24 237,60 with interest thereon at the prescribed rate from November 30, 2012 to the date of payment in full,” the insurer said.

“You are required to pay this sum by virtue of a judgment obtained against you in the High Court at Harare on June 21, 2017 before the Honourable Mr Justice Zhou. You were also ordered to pay the taxed cost of suit and other charges on the plaintiff to be here taxed according to law.”

The insurance firm also said in the event that Mukupe fails to pay the requested cash, he will be required to appear before a High Court judge and explain his position.

“If you fail to pay the sum specified above, you must appear before the High Court at Harare to explain why you have not paid it and to show cause why an order for your imprisonment should not be made in account of your failure to pay,” Quality Insurance said.

“You should bring with you evidence of your financial position, and it will be in your own interest to give the court evidence of your income from wages, salary or other earnings and any other income you may receive from any other source, your expenses for yourself and any dependents and any other liabilities you may be subject.”

According to the summons, Mukupe will not be imprisoned if his plan to repay the debt is accepted by the court. Newsday


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