Wednesday 1 May 2019


THE Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) has called for an urgent meeting with stakeholders following a request by medical aid societies to increase tariffs by up to 400 percent.

In a statement yesterday, AHFoZ said it was still assessing the impact of these increases, as it is barely three months since the recent fees review.

“A number of the providers have also approached the association to submit requests for additional or new increases to the current tariffs for various reasons. The increases range between 50 percent and 400 percent,” read the statement. 

“This follows soon after the recent upward review by 40 percent and 30 percent. Regrettably, the contributing medical aid members and employer groups had to bear this increase.”

 “Judging from member feedback, another round of contribution increases so soon would be unaffordable for medical aid members, employer groups and health funders. The association would like to urge all medical aid members to carefully consider any alternative options that may be available with the assistance of their health funders, when faced with difficulties in accessing services.”

Three months ago, service providers approached AHFoZ with a request to increase tariffs by 30 and 40 percent of fees payable by AHFoZ members to medical professionals and private hospitals units respectively.

AHFoZ agreed to review the proposed tariffs upwards given the economic challenges. 

Despite the increase, medical aid subscribers are paying more through shortfalls whenever they visit doctors.

“The Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) notes with concern that most service providers and health institutions have introduced or continue charging members co-payments and/or shortfalls for services rendered.

“AHFoZ therefore proposes that an urgent meeting of all concerned stakeholders be convened in order to find a workable solution so that patients continue accessing the required healthcare services,” read the statement.

According to AHFoZ, medical aid societies have been receiving numerous complaints from their members and employer organisations over the initial increases in contributions as salaries are not going up. Chronicle


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