Tuesday 21 May 2019


A small goat that belongs to a Zimuto farmer, Everyline Chahuruva (58) could not walk after her worker was involved in bestiality with it.

Sources told The Mirror that the goat had blood on its back and it could not walk after Chamanhindi Hwede was caught in the act with it inside the pen. Chahuruva said the goat was small and still virgin.

She said there was no Police report made because Hwede was a relative. The incident happened at Zimuto Village under Chief Zimuto on Friday last week

Sources said that Chahuruva was disturbed by the continous bleating of a goat. She went to the pen to investigate and was astounded to find her worker busy in the act with the small goat. Without saying a word, she left and alerted her son who rushed to the pen and still found Hwede in the act.

The angry son severely assaulted Hwede and the latter is said to have told them that he committed the offence because he was shy around women. Hwede is not married.
Chahuruva told The Mirror that it was a painful experience because her goat could not walk after Hwede broke its virginity. Masvingo Mirror


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