Wednesday 1 May 2019


Prominent Harare lawyer Tawanda Takaindisa, who was facing allegations of raping his client, last week walked out of court a free man after the charges were dropped.

Pamela Hove (31) withdrew the matter, saying she had been forced to make a false report by her husband who suspected her of having a relationship with Takaindisa.

The matter was withdrawn at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts. In her withdrawal statement, Hove said she no longer wanted to pursue the case since she was not raped by Takaindisa.

“I am no longer willing to pursue the case since I was not raped by Takaindisa,” read her affidavit. I was assaulted by my husband Luckmore Pongolani, who was not happy with my association with Takaindisa.

“I deposed this affidavit freely and voluntarily without any undue influence or duress therefore. I have considered the friendship and I, therefore, wish to tell the truth and have the matter withdrawn.”

Hove said Takaindisa was not only her friend, but a family friend since childhood. According to her police report, Hove had said she called Takaindisa, who drove to pick her up and took her to his office.

It was alleged that the two bought alcohol which they consumed together before Takaindisa started kissing and caressing her against her will.

Hove alleged that Takaindisa raped her wearing a condom before he drove her home.

Takaindisa has since indicated that he is pursuing civil proceedings against Hove and Pongolani for tarnishing his image. Herald


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