Wednesday 22 May 2019


A married prominent Rutenga businessman Goodman Maburutse, who owns the popular Linger Longer Night Club and several booking houses, has approached the courts to force his girlfriend release his underwear that he left at her place in Beitbridge.

The relationship has now gone sour and the girlfriend is refusing to hand over the clothing.
The matter was heard by magistrate Mandlenkosi Ndlovu after Maburutse dragged his ex-girlfriend Patricia Shumba to the Civil Court seeking a protection order.

Maburutse told the court that Shumba was refusing to release some of his clothes including underwear and was pestering him through unwanted visits and demands to be formerly introduced to family members as his wife.

“Your Worship, the woman was my girlfriend but she is constantly visiting my workplace demanding to be introduced to my family as my wife. When our relationship went sour, she took my phone and logged onto my Facebook account and began to post my photos alleging that I snatched other people’s wives.

“Besides that, she has some of my clothes which she is refusing to release. I no longer have any peace in my life because of this woman,” Maburutse said.
Shumba admitted visiting Maburutse and admitted that she soiled his name on social media out of anger.

“We were in some partnership with Maburutse but now he is refusing to give me my money. On the issue of the clothes and underwear, I tried to give them back to him saying some of them were missing and will only take them once I released them all,” Shumba told the court.
After full hearing of the matter magistrate Ndlovu granted Maburutse the protection order and ordered Shumba not to visit his ex-boyfriend’s residence and workplace. 

Many people believe jilted women can use their ex-lovers’ underwear to produce juju and cast evil spells on the owners as a way of revenge. Tell Zimbabwe


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