Friday 10 May 2019


Zimbabwean socialite and businesswoman Pokello Nare has reiterated that she used the sex tape with Hip Hop artist Desmond Chideme popularly known as Stunner from eight years ago to her advantage though the leak was a mistake.

Speaking during the SheRoars launch today at the University of Zimbabwe, Pokello explained that the tape leaked and was not meant for the public however, one can choose to die down with the controversy or use it in their favour.
“Its not like when these things happen contrary to public opinion that they are done for fame, that was actually a mistake. It leaked, it was not supposed to be for public consumption however if that now makes you controversial you can either choose to die down with the controversy or to use the controversy in your favour and that is what I do with everything that happens around me whether its fabricated, whether its true or not.
“I am not dwelling on what happened eight years ago, because eight years ago I was nobody, now I am Pokello and I am the most followed person in the country and it means people follow me and people follow the brand for a reason and its not that tape, trust me It wasn’t that good.
It wasn’t worth the kind of attention I get now, but I have been able to turn around that whole situation and use it in my favour. So I don’t encourage young girls to do controversial things because its going to propel them into stardom,” she explained.
Nare added that she was not responsible for the leakage and it was not her fault.
“How many people have tried it, I’m the only one you know right, vamwe vese you don’t know or remember them because they died down with controversy. I chose to turn the situation around and chose to use it in my favour.
“I also want young girls to learn from my mistakes, It was a mistake and it WASN’T MY FAULT, I wasn’t responsible for how it got out, So  I can’t take responsibility for that part but what I can do is be an example to young girls to say this is not how you want to make it but in the event that it does happen this is how you use the situation in your favour.
“I am the poster child for a lot of things not to do but I am also the poster child for how you make lemonade out of lemons, I am the celebrity you either love or hate, I am the most unlikely role model but I am here and I make the best out of it,” said Nare. 263chat


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