Tuesday 23 April 2019


The Herald chose not to publish the picture Chivayo posted on social media

Businessman Wicknell Chivayo has hailed the Government of Zimbabwe for creating opportunities for local  businesspeople.

Chivayo posted a statement on social media urging people to remain focused and reap the fruits of Independence.

Below is his statement in full:

“INDEED ZIMBABWE IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS @39 . . .  Just out of courtesy this is what 1 million dollars in CASH looks like . . .  Thank you YOUR EXCELLENCY for giving the BUSINESS COMMUNITY hope for a brighter future . . . Evidently with the recent IMF developments , we can all see that the phenomenal AUSTERITY FOR PROSPERITY fiscal measures outlined by your PRAGMATIC , INNOVATIVE and INGENIOUS Minister of Finance in the Transitional Stabilisation Program (TSP) are indeed yielding imminent positive results . . . AGAINST ALL ODDS please be rest assured I will never ever disappoint you on your vision to CREATE MORE BILLIONAIRES . . . I didn’t POWER through THE STRUGGLE just to let a little “TROUBLE “ knock me out of position and INTERRUPT THE VISION . . .  LONG LIVE CDE RUKA CHIVENDE . . . PAMBERI NE ZANU PF…We should all always remember that there is no SUBSTITUTE for HARD WORK when it comes to achieving SUCCESS and only and until you can IGNORE IGNORANCE , NEGLECT NEGATIVITY and DISREGARD DISRESPECT you are not ready for the NEXT level . . . SUCCESS ISN’T FOR THE WEAK . . . Don’t ever listen or pay attention to what people say or think about you . . . WHEN YOU HAVE A POSITIVE MINDSET YOU CAN’T BE DEFEATED . . . Let the negative people live in their negative little world with their negative opinions and their negative bank accounts . . . Remain FOCUSED and determined to SECURE THE BAG at all times . . . It’s always the lack of FAITH that makes people afraid of meeting challenges so my greatest strength is I BELIEVE IN MYSELF . . . I will not wait for the world ?? to recognise my GREATNESS , I will just live it and let you catch up later . . .’’


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