Saturday 20 April 2019


Chief Njelele born Misheck Njelele (60) of Mapfumo Village in Gokwe has been arrested together with his nephew Webster Madhobhi (35) on fraud charges.

The two allegedly sold a farm which did not belong to either of them to four different persons.

According to a CID memo in the hands of The Mirror sometime in August 2012, Jane Mkandla (60) of number 1452 Light Industries, Gokwe got information to the effect that Madhobhi was selling a piece of land in Farm number 27, Chemagora, Gokwe.

The farm belongs to Farai Magadzire who purchased it in 2002, under title deed number 0001955.

The complainant through her relative talked to Madhobhi and was offered land measuring 150x 350 footsteps for $280-00.

Mkandla paid the full amount to Madhobhi, but he went on to sell the same piece of to another buyer.

In December 2012 the same land was sold to Edington Chunyani (48) of number 3181 Mapfungautsi, Gokwe for $260.

 The same land was also sold for $40 and three live chickens to Bright Ndudzo (44) of Village Madhobhi Chief Njelele, Gokwe.

The fourth person Coffie Killon (75) bought the same land in July 2013 for $150 per 12 hectares which he paid in full.

All the four complainants were told that the money they were paying was going to Chief Njelele who owns the area.

The matter however came to light when the farm owner discovered that they were four people claiming to own his farm and a Police report was made.

Chief Njelele and Madhobhi were arrested by Zhombe Police officers and the case is being handled by Gweru CID under case number 202/2019. Masvingo Mirror


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