Saturday 6 April 2019


POLICE in Matabeleland South have released shocking rape statistics showing that 50 girls and women were sexually abused in Bulilima and Mangwe districts between January and March.

Officer Commanding Bulilima and Mangwe districts, Chief Superintendent Cde Kenneth Thebe, released the statistics during an anti-crime campaign held in Bhagani, Bulilima district.

“Between January and March we recorded 50 rape cases with some of the incidents involving minors. We had a case where a 29-year-old man raped a four-year-old girl who is his neighbour. In another incident a 30-year-old man raped a five-year-old child while another seven-year-old was raped by a 30-year-old man,” said Chief Supt Thebe during the campaign last week.

He said Bhagani area in Bulilima District recorded most of the rape cases with 15 incidents while Plumtree Town and Sikhathini area recorded 10 cases each.

Chief Supt Thebe said other cases were recorded in Dombodema, Matjinge and Zimnyama.

“Other cases of concern are domestic violence incidents as we also received 50 reported cases as well. Most of these cases were recorded in Plumtree Town where we received 30 cases and Bhagani where eight cases were reported. Other lower figures were reported in Dombodema, Sikhathini and Zimnyama areas,” said Chief Supt Thebe.

He said other crimes recorded include cases of people having sex with minors, indecent assault and aggravated indecent assault. 

Speaking during the same event, Bulilima West MP Dingumuzi Phuthi said women have been on the receiving end.

“Crimes that include rape, assault, and domestic violence among others have been a thorn in the flesh not for us alone but the entire district. I must say studies have indicated that even men are victims of such crimes. Women, especially the girl child, has been on the receiving end,” said Cde Phuthi.

He said concerted efforts are needed if the country is to decisively deal with the crimes.

Cde Phuthi said he was disturbed when 15-year-old girl from Phumuza Village was filmed being attacked by two older men.

“There is a disturbing social media clip that went viral of our own child who was being brutally assaulted some few weeks back. One wonders what has come into the minds of our fellow citizens. These are some of the dreadful crimes of passion that we continue to record in our communities. I am pleased to say the local police reacted swiftly to the clip and arrested the perpetrators,” he said.

Community leaders, the business community and villagers were part of the gathering.  Chronicle


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