Thursday 28 March 2019


Sungura kingpin, Alick Macheso, the humanitarian ambassador of Zimbabwe Red Cross, has called on people not to loot goods meant for Cyclone Idai victims in Manicaland and Masvingo provinces.

The Tafadzwa hit-maker was speaking at Cyclone Idai donations handover in Harare yesterday. “We are humbled by the positive response we are getting from the community. This disaster has united us as Zimbabweans and that is very commendable.

However, we should continue encouraging each other not to be tempted to loot part of the donated consignment,” Macheso said.

This was after Moonlight Funeral Assurance donated four tonnes of maize and clothes; while ARIPO donated blankets via Zimbabwe Red Cross Society.

“Converting donated goods to personal use is ethically wrong. Once you take goods meant for the poor, God will deal with you accordingly. So, please let’s not provoke Him,” he said.
Turkish Red Crescent also came in to help its Zimbabwean counterpart, Zimbabwe Red Cross Society, in alleviating effects of the natural disaster in the country.

Zimbabwe Red Cross Society secretary-general Maxwell Phiri told the Daily News that all the donated goods are going straight to the affected people in Chimanimani and Chipinge among other places.

“We are not keeping donated goods here but all the goods are being ferried to the affected people as soon as possible.

The process is being done in a transparent manner; we are accounting for everything,” Phiri said. Meanwhile, the tropical cyclone left a trail of destruction in Mozambique and then reached Zimbabwe on March 15, knocking down trees and destroying key infrastructure and hundreds of homes in the process, mainly in Manicaland.

The devastating cyclone swept away schools, bridges and homes. The government confirmed the death of more than 300 people with hundreds more reportedly missing. The death toll is expected to rise as a number of bodies are still being retrieved.

Government has since declared Cyclone Idai a national disaster in respect of the areas that were affected or likely to be affected by the impact of storm in terms of  Subsection (1) of Section 27 of the Civil Protection Act (Chapter 10:06).

The Information ministry said the hardest hit residence is Ngangu Township in Chipinge where tens of deaths were recorded and over a hundred houses destroyed by mud slides and rock falls while scores of people were reported missing. Daily News


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