Friday 8 March 2019


The last time Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo had a long chat with the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi was in April last year at Pakare Paye Arts Centre.

Mukanya had come for the highly successful homecoming bira and decided to pay his old friend a visit to discuss music and share memories.

When the Chimurenga musician returns to Pakare Paye Arts Centre tomorrow for a show with Progress Chipfumo, he is likely to relive memories of the day they had lunch and a long chat with Tuku at the place.

In an interview yesterday, Mukanya talked about the April meeting and what people should expect at tomorrow’s show.

“We had not met in Zimbabwe for a long time. We were used to sharing the stage at shows in England and other places. When we came here, we decided to visit Tuku at his place in Norton. We met at Pakare Paye and discussed various things. We talked about our past and we also talked about current music. The discussion was mainly based on music. We also toured the place,” said Mukanya.

He said they laughed when they talked about their experiences with popular yesteryear Mbare-based promoter Sekuru Chogugudza, who was popularly known as James Bond.

In an earlier interview with this writer, Mukanya indicated that the hardships they faced together with the late Tuku in the 1970s – the early days of their music – bound them until his buddie’s death. He said rumours of bad blood between them were untrue because they worked together on various projects, which prompted him to visit Pakare Paye Arts Centre when he returned home.

Mukanya said memories of that meeting will inspire his performance tomorrow. “People should come for good music. I am going to sample new songs from an album that I will release when I get back to the United States. I want to make the show special to everyone who comes.”

He also praised Chipfumo for his good music. “I have not worked with him yet, but I have listened to his music. He is a talented singer who knows his stuff. His music is good.”

Chipfumo has been commended by various music critics for his creativity with the guitar and superb voice.

The endorsement from Mukanya should inspire Chipfumo to continue working towards claiming his share of the local music cake. That claim is long overdue.

Chipfumo said he is looking forward to the show and is humbled to be part of a show that speaks to the relationship between legends Mukanya and Tuku. “I am happy to be part of the show. I will do my best to salute our late music hero. We are going to his place to honour him. We invite fans to come so that we can honour him together,” said Chipfumo.

Organisers of the show said the event would be a great honour to Tuku. “Mukanya knows a lot about Tuku. They came a long way together. He has many stories to share about Tuku and this will be his platform. He will honour his friend with good music and also share his experiences with him since they met in the 1970s,” said one of the organisers, Tungamidzai Simango. Herald


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