Saturday 2 March 2019


A 35-YEAR-OLD drunken Bindura man committed suicide on Wednesday after he was confronted by his wife for delegating all household chores to his young brother.

Gilbert Kasambarare (35), of Woodlands Farmnear the mining town, consumed a pesticide and died on his way to hospital following an argument over sending his younger brother, Machiel, to fetch some firewood.

Norica Chinovava (30) reportedly queried why her husband was delegating all household duties to his young brother, while he spent most of his time drinking beer.
Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the incident. “I can confirm a sudden death by a drunken man in Bindura, who consumed a pesticide after a misunderstanding with his wife over household chores,” he said.
Eunice Mudapakati, the mother of the deceased, said she was told by her late son that he consumed the pesticide because his wife saw him as a useless person.

“My son came to me soon after consuming the pesticide and told me that he had been labelled as useless by his wife. So he wanted to prove to her that he was useless by committing suicide. We tried to rush him to the hospital, but he died along the way,” Mudapakati said. Newsday


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