Thursday 14 March 2019


the love birds

A BLIND woman’s attempt to stop her husband’s secret wedding yesterday at the Harare Magistrates’ Court failed after she arrived moments after the signing.

Only identified as Mrs Chidzoka, the woman only arrived at the court when her husband John Chidzoka and his new bride Charity Tembo were heading for a photo shoot.

A forlorn Mrs Chidzoka was at a loss for words after she discovered it was too late for her to stop the wedding. “I never thought that my husband would betray me in this manner,” said a visibly distraught Mrs Chidzoka.

“I would have understood if it was any other woman but not my tenant. These people are taking advantage of the fact that I am blind hence I cannot see what will be happening right under my nose. Honestly, I am heartbroken.” 

It is understood that John has been married to Mrs Chidzoka for more than 11 years now but they did not bear children during their marriage.

Tembo, who is said to have been a tenant at Chidzoka’s homestead for about two years, is alleged to have been enjoying an illicit affair with John.

“Charity does not have a husband of her own and she has a habit of cooking food which she offers to my husband without my knowledge.

“Ever since my husband started eating her food, his behaviour has changed because he has turned into a drunkard.

“There was a time when I visited my parents in the rural areas for about 11 days and on my return, I caught my husband red-handed as he was sleeping naked in my kitchen with Tembo who was also naked.

“After this incident, Tembo has been threatening me and she once told me that she will take over my home, now she has.

“John’s relatives are the ones who informed me early in the morning that my husband was getting married today at the court and I arrived late because I would have stopped this fake marriage from proceeding,” added Mrs Chidzoka. 

Asked by the wife’s relatives who were also present at the court yesterday why John did what he did, he claimed he got married because he wanted to commence lessons at a bible school hence he needed a marriage certificate for registration since it is a must. 

John refused to entertain H-Metro whilst Mrs Chidzoka was shouting that she was proceeding to the police to lodge a complaint against Tembo. h metro


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