Friday 29 March 2019


Former Finance minister has confirmed that 18 copies of his book had been seized by customs officials upon arrival, and efforts to get the books released were futile.

“18 copies of the book were seized, they just gave the excuse of customs. We said we would pay the duty but they refused.  It’s just madness, it’s typical of Emmerson Mnangagwa,” Biti fumed, adding he was being inconvenienced by a “fascist state.”
He told the Daily News that the incident is reminiscent of authoritarian-era policies — ironically, the very subject of the book.

The books had been sent from Johannesburg to Harare by publishers Pan Macmillan through the courier company DHL to be in time for the Sapes Trust launch in Harare, attended by Obasanjo — a former military ruler who was democratically elected when Nigeria switched to civilian rule 20 years ago and remains highly influential on the continent.

Biti tweeted on Thursday night that he was “ridiculously asked to pay duty” for 18 copies of the book that had been dispatched by its publishers to Zimbabwe early in January.
“Now the president’s office, a euphemism for the CIO, has abducted these books. Who does this?” Biti tweeted.

DHL first contacted Biti to inform him that he had to pay duty on the books, which was strange to him, but he obliged.  He was then contacted by the person who was supposed to collect the books who said they had been seized and were at the “president’s office.”


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