Friday 15 March 2019


The Magistrates Court has granted the state the request to forfeiture former cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s Nyanga property.

The house is worth $250 000. The forfeiture was done to compel the ex-minister to return to court after going fugitive for two months having been granted authority to seek medical attention in South Africa.

Prosecutor Zivanai Macharaga applied for the forfeiture of Kasukuwere’s property on Thursday saying the ex-minister is faking illness to avoid prosecution.

He argued that Kasukuwere is not detained in hospital; hence there is no reason why he should not present himself to court.

Kasukuwere is facing 4 counts of alleged abuse of office and his trial was supposed to commence on 17 January 2019.

Kasukuwere was expected to appear in court on 17 January but did not turn up.

Meanwhile, in another case, MDC Alliance vice president Morgen Komichi has been convicted of contravening section 186 of the Electoral Act which criminalises, obstructing or disturbing proceedings related to the announcement of election results. zbc


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