Tuesday 19 February 2019


AN 18-YEAR-OLD woman who was employed as a housemaid by a family from Rangemore suburb in Bulawayo has been arrested for stealing 3 000 rands from her employer before fleeing to her home in Harare.

Ruth Togara of Warren Park in Harare yesterday told Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube that she decided to steal from Ms Elizabeth Gwandira (20) of Rangemore as she was not being paid well.

Togara pleaded guilty to a theft charge. She was ordered to go for community service assessment and will return to court today for sentencing.

Togara told the court that she stole the money because she needed money to go back home. “Ms Gwandira was not paying me properly and l wanted to leave for my home. When l saw the money, l took it and went straight home,” she said.

Mr Kenneth Shava said on February 9, Ms Gwandira left her money in a satchel that was on top of her bed in her bedroom and went to work.

“When she got home at around 5PM, she noticed that her maid had packed all her belongings and left the house. Ms Gwandira searched if all her things were available and realised that the money she had left in her satchel was missing,” said Mr Shava.

In her testimony, Ms Gwandira said as soon as she realised that her maid had vanished, she quickly searched to see if she had taken any of her property.

“As l was searching, l remembered that l had left money in a bag on top of my bed. When l opened the bag all the money had been taken and l knew it was Togara because she was the only person l lived with,” she said.

Ms Gwandira reported the matter to the police and Togara was arrested at her home in Harare.
The total value of the money that was stolen was 3 000 rands and only 800 rands was recovered. Chronicle


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