Tuesday 29 January 2019


KWEKWE-based ammonium nitrate producer, Sable Chemicals has entered into a partnership with a local energy solutions company, Katanga Solar Energy to fund a solar power generation project that is set to produce up to 400 megawatts.

In an interview, Sable Chemicals chief executive Mr Bothwell Nyajeka said feasibility studies for the project were now complete and the company was seeking a licence from the Zimbabwe Energy Regulation Authority (Zera).

“We have already secured land under Zibagwe Rural District Council to establish what we call the Katanga Solar Farm. The solar farm will produce up to 400 megawatts which will be fed on to the national grid,” he said.

Mr Nyajeka said Kwekwe was strategically positioned for the solar project. “Our feasibility studies in terms of radiation have shown that the area is the best for such a project,” he said.

Mr Nyajeka said the project would initially produce 50 megawatts and production would increase gradually to 400 megawatts when it is complete.

“What we have done is to apply for a licence for 50 megawatts. This will then improve as we complete the project,” he said.

Mr Nyajeka said the electricity generation project would help Sable to reduce its electricity bill. He said his company was paying a lot of money electricity to the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC). 

“As you might be aware, Sable Chemicals Plant consumes a lot of electricity so the solar energy project will help us reduce our electricity bill as we will be producing for ourselves.

“These are some of the company’s long-term plans to increase production,” he said. Herald


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