Tuesday 22 January 2019


We continue to mourn our lost relatives and empathise with the wounded and displaced fellow citizens. Our solution to the crisis requires sincerity, honesty and compassion for those we lead. It is not about lofty words or wordplay unsupported by conduct on the ground.

 We have long offered a hand to resolve our national challenges. Regrettably this hand has been spurned and mocked. It is sad that some seem to have reluctantly come to this realisation following the loss of lives. It doesn’t have to be that way but such is the price of arrogance.

‪When people die, we come together and mourn together. We console the bereaved and show compassion. Leaders console, comfort and apologise for wrongs that they have done. It is not the time for a catalogue of excuses, explanations or justifications. We must show respect to Zimbabweans.

‪Going forward, we must correct wrongs now. We call for an immediate end to the crackdown and terror that has induced insecurity across the country. We call for the unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience and political detainees whose rights continue to be violated.

‪No nation can make progress without the rule of law and peace. Zimbabwe can’t be open for anything without being open to its citizens’ concerns. In order to dialogue, one’s tongue must be free to talk. The tongues of the nation are tied in jails and many others by fear. This must end.

‪We must repair our value system and moral fibre, to value human life. We need morals revolution and values reset. Our laws mustn’t be abused. Why should a right to demonstrate be followed by flowing rivers of blood and tears? We can’t claim to love God without loving HIS people!


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