Thursday 1 November 2018


A 38-YEAR-OLD Bulawayo man has been arraigned for beating up his wife after she refused to take the money he had offered her for groceries saying it was very little.

Richard Moyo of Pumula South slapped and punched Mrs Melody Moyo (31) after a misunderstanding erupted between the couple.

Mrs Moyo was given money to buy groceries by her husband but she felt the money was not enough.

She told her husband she was not going to accept the money. Moyo pleaded guilty to assault charges when he appeared before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Lungile Ncube. Mr Ncube fined him $100 or 90 days in prison.

In sentencing him, Mr Ncube said the court had considered that he was a first offender.
“I have considered that you are first offender and that the complainant was not injured. You will be fined $100 or 90 days in prison,” he said.

On October 14 at around 6PM, the court heard, Moyo and his wife were at their home.
Moyo gave her money to buy groceries and she refused to take the money saying it was insufficient to buy household goods leading to their misunderstanding.

“Moyo got angry and assaulted her using his hands and fists several times on her face,” she said.
Mrs Moyo reported the matter to the police but did not seek medication since she was not injured.
The amount of the money Moyo had given his wife was not mentioned in court.
Mr Kenneth Shava prosecuted.  Chronicle


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