Wednesday 14 November 2018


The Commission of Inquiry into the sale of State land in and around urban areas has expressed shock at a barter deal that took place between Gutu RDC and Shine Plus where the local authority received a Nissan single cab in exchange for 50 hectares of land.
The Commission which is chaired by Justice Tendai Uchena queried the deal because the car cost only $30 000 while the value of the land is $300 000.

“You have this deal with Gutu RDC where you exchanged  a Nissan single cab for land whose value is put at over $300 000; how is this possible?” asked Commissioner Uchena.
The head of the Shine Plus delegation Tonderai Nzuwa told the Commission that the car was just part payment for the land. He added that there was an arrangement where his company is paying the full debt through instalments.

The Commissioners went on to tell Shine Plus that the company had since 2012 not paid anything for the land except the down payment of the car. Justice Uchena expressed doubt on Shine Plus commitment to pay the remainder of the money.

“You have since 2012 not paid anything. You just handed over that car and you have since not honoured the debt. We think that you are failing to honour your obligations because you have projects all over the country and you can’t take care of all of them.

“The people who suffer are your clients. They pay you money for a stand and for five years nothing is delivered, “ said Justice Uchena.

The commission also queried the delegation on the appropriateness of the land deal considering that a public office like a council is entering into barter deals with public resources.

 “Your Worship, it is not that we paid the stands with a car but it was part of the payment and we agreed that we will finish the payment in instalments,” said Nzuwa.

The Commission also noted a discrepancy where Gutu RDC documents show that Shine Plus received 50 hectares and yet Shine Plus documents are indicating that the land developer got 34 hectares. Masvingo Mirror


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