Sunday 4 November 2018


A TEACHER from Camelot High School in Kwekwe, who was allegedly caught red handed trying to write a Mathematics examination paper for a pupil, has vehemently denied the allegations saying although he was caught in possession of the paper, he never intended to write for any pupil. 

The teacher, Mr Ian Mhembere, a Mathematics teacher at the Kwekwe-based private school, was reportedly caught in possession of a partly written Mathematics Paper 1 while the exam was underway on 17 October.

Allegations are that Mr Mhembere took the paper with him with the intention of completing it on behalf of an external student who was writing at the school. He was intercepted by Zimsec officials who had visited the school on their routine checks.

He has since been suspended pending investigations being carried out by police and Zimsec. But Mr Mhembere, through his lawyer Mr Davious Mujaya of Mawadze and Mujaya Legal Practitioners, said although he was caught in possession of the paper, his intention was never to write on behalf of the student.

“He is in the School’s Examination Board which he actually chairs. On the day in question, one of the invigilators who was supposed to have presided over the examination was late and he decided to stand in for him.

“While in the examination, the student in question requested another paper as he had made mistakes and he went on to give the student another paper while taking the partly completed one with him,” said Mr Mujaya.

Upon the arrival of the said invigilator, Mhembere mistakenly took the paper with him to his office.
“When the Zimsec officials came they discovered that the papers were missing and my client volunteered to check his office, where he found the paper among some of his books,” said Mr Mujaya.

Mr Mujaya said, if he was guilty, he would have not produced the paper but he knew that he was innocent hence he genuinely volunteered to go and check for the paper. Mr Mujaya said what was worrying was the fact that, two weeks down the line, his client was yet to be charged of any crime.

“He is yet to receive any charge up to now and that shows that both Zimsec and police do not have an issue against my client. Under normal circumstances, the matter should have been taken to court within 48 hours but up to now, he is yet to be charged. It also shows that the school had no case against him as it only issued him with a suspension letter after reading the newspaper article. Why were they not acting all along?” he said.

Zimsec public relations officer Ms Nicki Dlamini said investigations were still ongoing. Sunday News


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